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About Me

Hey there. I'm Tom, a creative front end developer and (ex)actionscripter living in Bristol, UK. These days I spend most of my life knee deep in javascript making things move. I also have a decent level of backend knowledge - I use CMS's such as MODx, Wordpress and Expression Engine.

My Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Facebook
  • Flash
  • Responsive
  • Canvas + SVG
  • Maps


  • Air New Zealand
  • Discovey Channel
  • Disney
  • EMI
  • Evian
  • Red Bull
  • Snickers
  • Sony
  • Tropicana
  • Waitrose



CLIENT - Knight Studios

The aim of the site was a high end, 'Apple' style brochure site, but with the ability to purchase products. The Woocommerce API was used in conjunction with Stripe. It also has posts pulled in from twitter and instagram.

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  • Protiva
  • Protiva
  • Protiva



A one page, animated scrolling site using TweenMax and Scroll Magic. As the scroller events aren't very responsive on touch, a custom chapter system was built using TimelineMax, so the touch device versions worked more like and interactive video with the ability to pause, play and replay chapters. The site uses several moving gradients to create an ever changing background. We wanted to keep this visible the whole time, so all overlays are solid blocks of colour with space cut out.

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  • Legal and General
  • Legal and General


CLIENT - Smith & Milton

Portfolio site for London / Bristol based agency. Site features interactive particle effects, lazy loading of a large quantity of images and a thorough non javascript fallback. The images used on the site use the srcset attribute - meaning that different images are served based on the screen size, saving valuable bandwidth. The site is built in wordpress using the flexible content plugin allowing for a highly customizable case studies that mix carousels, large and small images, video, quotes and text.

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  • Smith & Milton
  • Smith & Milton
  • Smith & Milton particle effects



The BBC had a tool that allowed them to take a short video and turn it into a scrubbable image sequence (a bit like an animated gif with controls). They also had lots of gross out stock footage and wanted a site to showcase these two things. The site was built in Jekyll, and has a lot of nice subtle animation such as an oldschool tv effect.

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  • Body Scrubs
  • Body Scrubs
  • Body Scrubs


CLIENT - Reach Robotics

Animated one page microsite for robotic toy company. They wanted a splash page to build up excitment about the brand before the launch late in the year. Working with designer chap Ben Hostler we took the layered concept art and created an immersive hero animation using the GSAP. It features a slight bit of parallaxing, some nice camera flashes and is topped off with some sweet text effects. The rest of a site is a simple but nicely built one page scroller, with some subtle animation.

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  • Reach Robotics splash page head to head
  • Reach Robotics splash page dark


CLIENT - Tri-Life

Tri-life is a cancer charity raising money through adventures. Last year Chris Chapman and I made a simple one page site and all the fund raising and organisation was done through just giving. They managed to raise just under £80k and climbed Kilimanjaro in the process! This year the brief was to have everything under one site that would be easy for admin of both payments and participants. We used stripe to handle card payments, and a created a login system where participants could sign up for events. It was a nice change of pace working on the full stack of the project and a chance to sharpen up my backend dev skills.

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  • Tri-Life on devices
  • Tri-life donations page


CLIENT - Knight Studios

Community site for a Local Trust - a charity enabling people to make their communities better places to live. The site features a data driven map (using mapbox and leaflet) for the 150 areas of 'Big Local', a lottery funded scheme to improve local areas. There are also a large number of easily searchable resources, guides and case studies on the site as well as a twitter feed, events and blogs. The major undertaking was the site architecture and making the libary content easily searchable, maintable and easy to link related content to. MODx was used for the backend.

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  • Local Trust
  • Local Trust
  • Local Trust


CLIENT - Activation Digital

Responsive microsite / facebook app that allows you to create your perfect plate of fish and chips. Simple responsive site with a few nice animations and layouts. The site was originally a prize draw using a custom built PHP/MySQL backend with reporting.

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  • Youngs Chip Shop



Community site for the UK Green Building Council. My role on the project was purely front end, the backend was developed in Drupal. Site features masonry grid of news on homepage, fixed locking side nav and a fullscreen nav for mobile. A relatively simple, but large site with a lot of polish and detail put into the responsive side of the build.

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Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer is the largest world-wide public opinion survey on corruption. Working with Beef we turned the responses of more than 114,000 people in 107 countries into a series of animated infographics and charts. The charts we build using the Raphael plugin. Other points of note are the ajax urls using History.js and the ability to share individual pages to facebook.

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  • GCB 2013 website
  • GCB 2013 website



A sequel to last years Wish list.This year the focus was on creating a gift list for other people. This meant facebook connect, carousels and drag and drop functionality. This time the site was fully responsive and also had a facebook app.

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  • PC World Gift lift responsive 1
  • PC World Gift List responsive 2
  • PC World Gift List Desktop